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Weeks off are splendid things. I could do with more of them. About 50 a year ought to do it. Last week we visited Cardiff, an oft-maligned but actually rather splendid city; saw Minority Report, a much-hyped but actually very excellent film (particularly notable for its utterly convincing vision of the near future, helped along by tons of product placement that manages to actually add something to the movie); mended the boat and tuned the rig (the mast turned out to have an inch too much prebend and be raked too far forward by four inches - I’m told that these things matter…); rode some bikes; and polished off a few of those niggling not-quite-done-yet household jobs like putting cupboard door handles on, laying floors and painting everything in sight. Oh, and thinking. Did a fair bit of that. Not sure I arrived at any worthwhile conclusions, but there may be Significant Life Changes ahead. Watch this space…

Another week

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Secret Load of Toss

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Hard core day trips

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