Shop ’til you drop

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Today saw the exciting [1] news that UK retail sales in the run-up to Christmas were the lowest for 10 years. This appalling performance, a drop of a truly terrifying 0.4% year-on-year (which naturally enough ignores new stores opening and internet sales, both up) is put down to “lack of consumer confidence”.

I have another theory. I think it’s down to an increase of another sort of consumer confidence. The sort that goes, “Actually, high street retailers, I’ve decided not to blow all my money on useless tat this year, having come to the realisation that just because my house is worth a lot of money doesn’t mean that I actually have a lot of money and the whole consumer culture is a sham based on rip-off credit cards, ill-advised personal loans and the impossible notion that everyone’s profits must go up every year or the world will end.”

Or, possibly, not.

[1] Disclaimer: news may not be exciting

Roads to nowhere

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