iPod to DVD player hack

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iPod to DVD player hack

iPod to DVD player hack,
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We’ve had this portable DVD player thingy for a while, which has proved to be a very useful thing for long car journeys to keep Isla entertained (although we try to make a point of covering as much ground as possible without it…). The downside is that it’s tricky to control what’s going on from the front of the car (especially if the car is, in fact, the camper, in which case the player is about six feet behind the front seats). Also we end up carting about quantities of DVDs, and if Isla kicks the player (which she can in the car, but not in the camper) then the disc door tends to pop open and everything stops.

Enter the household iPod. We never had any intention of storing video on it, but when I noticed that the DVD player had audio and video in jacks around the back it suddenly looked like a good idea. I was anticipating having to either buy another dock or cannibalise an iPod connector to get video out of it, but it turns out that there’s a video signal on the headphone jack, which is very handy indeed. One jack-to-phono AV cable and mild cannibalisation of a stereo jack-to-stereo jack lead and a spare SCART adapter and job is, as they say, a good’un. Just need to make a longer (and nicer looking) version so the screen can go in the back and the iPod up front.

Obviously now I have to spend several hours ripping and reencoding DVDs of children’s programmes. Such is life.

And yes, I haven’t posted for a loooong time. I didn’t have anything very interesting to say. Still don’t, but I’m boshing this up because someone, somewhere might find it useful…

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