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Since the last update a bunch of stuff has happened. We went to the Bath Beer Festival on Friday night, sampled a small selection of the 55 beers on offer (many with names like Skullsplitter and Old Smokey) and had a fine old time. The Festival’s run by CAMRA, so we were expecting rather more beards than were in fact in evidence.

Saturday morning there was a climbing comp at the Bristol Climbing Centre. Bouldering and top-rope categories, 10 points for each handhold you reach. One of the top-rope routes was spectacularly hard, didn’t see anyone complete it. Which made me feel better about only getting halfway if nothing else.

Then (after an excellent curry pasty from the centre caff for just a quid) it was off to the sailing club to remove most of the fittings from the boat. It’s that time of year when a coat of paint and varnish is necessary, particularly as we want to trade up to a newer model which entails selling the one we’ve got. And at the moment it doesn’t look like a very attractive proposition…

Back home for tea and an evening of light pottering before watching Kevin Smith’s Chasing Amy on telly. And well worth watching it was too.

And today I’ve had a lie in and two bacon sandwiches, looked in disgust at the weather outside and swiftly converted this whole site to XHTML1.0 and CSS in an effort to follow web standards. So if anything looks weird, that’s why. I’m quite pleased to have managed not to change the looks (such as they are) too much, despite getting rid of every single table from the code.

Right, lunchtime…

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