Update frenzy

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No, not site updates. Don’t be daft. Windows updates, or perhaps Updates. I’ve got two Windows PCs here, a Win2000 desktop and a laptop with XP Pro on it. Fire up either of them and there’s a better than even chance that there’ll be some hulking great multi-megabyte OS update, patch or mystery gubbinses waiting to be downloaded from Microsoft. Most of them appear to be digital Elastoplast to stick over some weeping security sore, but I can’t be bothered to investigate closely and I’ve got a big fat connection so I just tell it to bring in the lot.

I guess it’s a good thing that they keep mending things (although it’d be better if it didn’t need mending…) but quite what you’re meant to do if you don’t have a whizzy broadband connection I’m not entirely sure. Although we’re moving house soon to somewhere south of Sticksville that’s just about got telephones so I expect I’ll find out…


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hngry, thrsty, plz hlp

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Up, up and… Oh

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Technology rocks

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The search for Sophie

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Grim up north

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Computers suck

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