Enough already

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The economy is in meltdown, banks are toppling like your own choice of notably topply thing, unemployment is on the way up - all we can hope is that our elected representatives have their collective eye on the ball and will come up with some sensible plans.

Ha. Some hope. What are they paying attention to right now? Fretting about some unfunny jokes made by a couple of overpaid radio presenters.

Now, in common with 98% of the 27,000 people who’ve apparently complained about the messages that Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross left on Andrew Sachs’s answering machine, I haven’t heard the broadcast in question. This is mainly because I make a point of avoiding any shows that may possibly feature Russell Brand, because I find him tedious and unfunny. But I know a storm in a teacup when I see one, and right now I’m looking at a right old tsunami in the fine china.

Never mind what they said. On the day the show went out, two people complained. Let’s count them. One. Two. That’s it. It could all have died right then. But no - it got on the news (particularly the fresh, new, self-flagellatory post-Hutton BBC) and everyone and his dog piled in. Even so, it took 10 days for the number of complaints to reach 1,400 or so - impressive, since stuff only stays on good old Listen Again for a week. Which of course means that the next 25,600 people to complain haven’t heard the thing they’re complaining about.

And then we’ve got the Prime Minister, who surely, surely, has more important things to deal with, sticking his oar in. Which means that Cameroon has to weigh in too. It’s just mental. NOBODY CARES. MOVE ON.

Still, apparently Brand’s quit his radio show, so some good’s come of it all…

And yes, I’m well aware of the irony of saying that nobody cares when clearly I’ve become sufficiently encared to make my first posting in three months. What can I say? Except that beer’s great :-)


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