Knee jerks

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How thoroughly gratifying to see a TV show satirising the knee-jerk reactions of media and government to the merest mention of the word ‘paedophilia’ recieve? Immediate knee-jerk reactions from media and government! Splendid work, Brass Eye fellas.

Consider it a subtle satire if you like, but I’ve not seen the show that’s caused all this kerfuffle. What the content actually was is pretty irrelevant though. Distasteful, offensive, whatever, doesn’t matter. The two key points here are these:

1. Your TV has an Off button. If you don’t like what you’re seeing, don’t watch it.
2. People who spend all their time watching things that offend them just so that they can complain about them need to get out more and form some relationships (see 1).
3. I don’t want the only things to be broadcast on TV to be stuff that Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell and/or The News of the World approves of.

OK, three key points. I’ll come in again…

As a side note, it’s great to see that Ananova now has a “Turn Big Brother Off” link that instantly renders all Big Brother “news” stories invisible. Only makes the ones on Ananova itself disappear though, unfortunately.

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