Let them eat cake

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Yes, Brass Eye is back for a repeat run. Although Channel 4 were meant to be showing a new Brass Eye Special last night, they didn’t (some weak claim about it not being ready), running the drugs episode instead. Fine by me, ‘cos that’s the one with the Cake stuff in it that pissed of Noel Edmonds so much. They even got a gullible MP to ask questions about the entirely fictional Czechoslovakian drug in Parliament. Defining line of the show: “Coming up next - we tell you what to think…”

I had a rant lined up here about fat kids with designer sweatshirts being ferried about in enormous 4×4 wankmobiles. But it’s all been done before and I can’t be arsed. Suffice it to say that if you’re the parent of a fat kid, don’t buy them any more expensive shoes, make them eat properly instead. Oh, and make them walk to school, fer chrissakes.