Peel Acres

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I’m sitting here fairly late at night, trying to craft some coherent sentences about something or perhaps other. And listening to John Peel on Radio 1. The man is clearly a genius. No-one else plays the sheer breadth of music that he plays. Three tracks back it was drum’n'bass. Then the great man said, “It’s been a while since we’ve heard the uplifting sound of Regurgitator,” before playing 45 seconds of crazed speed-metal. Next up, “…one of my dad’s favourites,” a medley of popular piano standards from the 1930s. And currently we’ve got some what is probably termed “bangin’” techno.

Now, you may not like all this stuff. But in an age of lowest-common-denominator, anodyne, offend nobody broadcasting it’s a breath of fresh air. John Peel also presents the utterly brilliant Home Truths on Radio 4, broadcast from his house complete with occasional familial interruptions. 9am, Saturday mornings. Don’t miss it.

The power of technology

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