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Went to the cinema last night, opting for all-action “high-octane thriller” The Fast and the Furious. And it was pretty good, on the whole. People who are thinking too hard will doubtless slate it for slightly plankish acting and some clunky dialogue. But you get some mental car chase action, something bearing quite a close resemblance to a story and characters that, while not exactly deep, are at least out of the paddling pool. Entertaining and undemanding, which is usually what I look for in a film…

Yesterday was largely spent recovering from the Karrimor Enduro 6, a six hour mountain bike race. I opted to take the singlespeed and was pretty pleased to get through 9 laps (about 53 miles) for 44th place. Two laps better than last year, and I had gears then. The trick seems to be to ride really slowly and eat lots and lots of food, a strategy that happily exactly reflects my usual riding style.