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I have been de-lumped. Only took about twenty minutes, not including sitting about beforehand and lying around drinking tea and eating biscuits afterwards. Ironically, the only painful bit was being given a local anaesthetic. After that it just felt like a somewhat localised and rather heavy-handed haircut. Except that you just know that the snipping and tearing noises aren’t being made by hair. Anyway, the surgeon was kind enough to wave the thing in front of me (or in front of the half of my face that wasn’t in a pillow) - it would appear that I’ve had a bit of well-chewed gum lodged under my scalp for several years. Apparently it was a lipoma, a random fatty deposit. Rather compressed and gunged up, probably something to do with it sitting exactly under the Roc-Loc retention bit on Giro helmets…

Obviously now I’ve got a bunch of stitches that’d sit exactly under that bit of said helmet were I to put one on. Oh, and a great scar, of course.

Farewell, faithful lump

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