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Well, up to a point. Website innovation of the day is an entirely new and largely untested search function over there somewhere. It’s only looking at these entries but last time I checked there wasn’t a great deal else on the site so that’ll do nicely. Is it super clever? Well, let’s just say that Google’s sleep remains undisturbed…

I may tinker with it to remedy some of its more obvious shortcomings. But it took two years to get this far, so holding of breath is frankly ill-advised.

Oh, and while I’m here, I meant to link to the new Honda Accord ad ages ago. I’ve only seen the short version on the telly, the full thing is great. It looks a bit CGIish, but apparently it’s all for real. Adverts - they’re the new art…

By Eck Lectic

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The joy of 802.11

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Sun? In Wales?

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Technology rocks

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Was that summer, then?

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