Fifty foot lobster

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Today we went to Bristol’s International Kite Festival. Kites are ace, and the Festival was pretty neat too. Highlights included the undersea-themed soft kites, including “one of only three fifty-foot lobsters in the world”. You’d imagine that there wouldn’t be all that many, certainly. Also mightily impressive was the five-man four-line kite display team, a bit like watching, I don’t know, slow-moving fireworks or a silent Red Arrows or something. Tricky to describe, but easy to boggle at. And a mention to the chap with the traditional Indian fighting kite (no, I’m not making this up) - the kite in question has just one string, yet he was making it dart this way and that and gyrate and loop and pulling off remarkable tricks like catching helium balloons before they drifted away and snaring stringless kites before they hit the ground. Ace.


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