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Having become accustomed to out-of-town multiplexes, visiting a Small Local Cinema at the weekend proved a most agreeable experience. It’s not the smallest cinema out there by any stretch (somehow they’ve managed to squeeze three screens into the building, although since I’m sure you could buy a telly nearly as big as the screen in Screen One, Two and Three must be quite bijou) but compared to ten five-hundred-seat screens in an aircraft hanger it’s tiny. This is no bad thing. Yes, the screen’s not so big but you can just sit closer. And you get friendly, enthusiastic staff and - the best bit - there’s a bar. Actually, that’s not the best bit. The best bit is that you can take your beer into the cinema itself. Genius.

The film? Wimbledon - perfectly decent, usual Working Title “slightly hopeless Brit boy meets strong-willed American girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back with last-minute dash from an airport, boy turns out to be not completely hopeless after all” plot but it works, so you can’t blame them for sticking with it.


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