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No sooner has the Government got itself re-elected (on barely more than a third of the vote, and that’s out of 61% of the electorate that could actually be arsed - my maths is rubbish, but I make that something like 22% of the electorate who actually voted Labour. Democracy in action!) than its off trying to get ID cards through Parliament again. Apparently they’re in a hurry while the Tories are in disarray. You’d like to think that they wouldn’t be in quite such a degree of disarray as to not notice something so fundamentally wrong happening, but you never know.

I’ve wittered on about this before, but to summarise - the ID card scheme as proposed won’t do any of the things it’s claimed to do (combat terrorism, cut crime, reduce benefit fraud, cure cancer and prevent global warming) even if it can actually be made to work, which it almost certainly can’t. So at best we’ll end up with a enormously expensive and complicated, yet excitingly dysfunctional, system. At worst we’ll have something unnervingly close to a police state. Still, we’re told that it won’t be compulsory to give the Government £85 to carry around a useless piece of plastic until 2013. Eight years in which to emigrate, then.

Unless of course the Labour rebels and opposition parties sort themselves out. But I can’t see the Government letting this one drop, somehow. Heaven knows why, but there you go.

Election Day

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