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Oh look, our boiler (an Alpha, as it happens) has packed up again. Having replaced the ten-year-old one that the house came with because it was becoming increasingly unreliable, after a mere fifteen months the new one has already surpassed its predecessor for sheer recalcitrance. Oh, it might have electronic this and automatic that, but once again it appears that the spark generator is failing to generate its eponymous spark. This comes after the hot water flow switch decided not to switch in the presence of the flow to which 100% of its attention is supposed to be paid.

On the bright side, it’s still under warranty. On the less bright side, that means that we have to contact the manufacturer to get them to send out an engineer, and they’re not very good at it. For a start, they’re only available (for certain values of “available”) during office hours, despite having somehow managed to create a domestic heating appliance with the uncanny ability to break down exclusively on Friday evenings at about 7pm. Anyway, apparently someone’s coming to look at it tomorrow. I suppose at best they’ll be able to mend it and at worst we’ll have a hostage.

Update: The boiler itself might not be much cop, but the chap who came out to mend it is very affable and had it working again in about 0.8 of a jiffy. Vaguely reassuringly, the ignition generator he put in was a different type to the one that’s failed twice - apparently “we’re putting this new sort in all of them now”. So with any luck it was just a duff batch of parts. Fingers crossed.

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