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Once upon a time I used to write quite a lot about politics. These days, I don’t. There are a few reasons for this, but one of the key ones is nigh-on perfectly illustrated by Security Minister Lord West. On the off-chance that you’re unfamiliar with Lord West’s most excellent shift from “saying what he thinks” to “on-message” within the space of an hour, this is what he said on Radio 4’s Today at 8:20 on Wednesday during an interview about the time that terror suspects could be detained without charge (a time that’s been increasing exponentially, but that’s another story):

still need to be fully convinced that we absolutely need more than 28 days and I also need to be convinced what is the best way of doing that.”

And here he is again, around 9:30:

I personally absolutely believe that within the next two, three years, we will require more than that for one of these complex plots. So I am convinced that’s the case.”

It’s so laughable that really nothing more needs to be said. And the same is true of almost everything that emanates from Westminster these days. Was it always like this?

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