12:00 am Bikes, Politics

Heard on the news this morning that all three party leaders are campaigning in Bristol today. Which gave us an idea - instead of televised debates, interviews and all that nonsense, if they’re all going to be in the same place at the same time they might as well just fight it out. Jackets off, sleeves rolled up, bare-knuckle fighting. It’d make better TV for a start. But who would win? Certainly not Blair, too eager to please. So it’d be between Kennedy and Hague. Kennedy’s a Scot and he has red hair, which has got to help. But Hague’s a stocky Northerner, probably with a Napoleon complex, and claims to be a beer monster. Tough call. Kennedy looks like he might pack a massive haymaking roundhouse punch, but could he land it? Now that’s a question we want to see in opinion polls…

Other nonsense today is a story in the Guardian that suggests that mountain bikers are an unacceptable burden on the NHS because they fall off and break their arms occasionally. Yeah, right. They’re outdoors exercising, and miles fitter than the average. If you want to reduce the burden on the NHS, do something about burger-eating, fag-smoking idle fat gits…

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