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Ah, Bank Holiday weekends. Lurvely. And the sun was out, allowing me to, er, do nothing really. It’s nice to do nothing occasionally. Sitting in the sun, reading the paper, occasionally quaffing a cool drink… Splendid. OK, so I didn’t do literally nothing all weekend. We bought a boat (it’s a Fireball, for those who need to know these things) the other week, which was suffering from a bit of water ingress and frost damage. So much of Sunday was spent stripping the old varnish off with Stanley knife blades and power sanders. And Monday saw a whole fresh coat of varnish find its way on there. Obviously, most of the instructions on the tin of varnish were wilfully ignored - don’t varnish outdoors, don’t apply varnish in direct sunlight - but the end result looks pretty good so far. Needs rubbing down and another coat tonight though. The maiden voyage is booked in for 10 June. Should be interesting…

It being sunny and warm and stuff, didn’t see much TV over the weekend. Which is no bad thing. The only things that did graze my attention were a nappy advert that gave up all reliance on euphemism - no “soiling” or blue water demonstrations, just the slogan, “Deals with wee and soft poo” - and a sudden realisation that the much-hyped ratings war between Survivor and Big Brother will hinge on how quickly the more annoying BB residents get voted out. Survivor’s format appears to lead to whichever team loses once tending to carry on losing (as the other team get more food and equipment and have more members), with the gap between them widening every time. And the makers of Big Brother are trying desperately hard to make all the things that happened spontaneously last time happen again this time (which never has the desired effect - for retro mountain bike race fans, it’s like when Lake Jumping appeared on the programme at the Malverns. With an entry fee and everything…) while simultaneously hoping against hope that someone, anyone, will have sex in the house before everyone turns their TVs off…

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