12:00 am Boats

Went climbing last night for the first time in ages. Only faintly rubbish, so not too bad. Must take the plunge (not literally) and head outdoors sometime this summer - time to move on from holds bolted to sheets of wood.

And on the subject of sheets of wood, we took the new boat out for a spin at the weekend. It’s another Fireball, like the old one but newer and made out of high-tech foam sandwich Kevlary stuff instead of the aforementioned laminar timber. Which means it’s stiffer, stronger and weighs less. In fact, it seems to float considerably higher in the water which makes it a bunch faster. Racing on Wednesday, we’ll see if it actually makes any difference…

Today is extremely pleasant and warm. But I’m waiting for Important Phone Calls and stuff so going for a bike ride is probably out of the question. Maybe later.

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