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Well, not many, to be honest. Went to Fort William for the UCI MTB World Cup which was pretty splendid. And sunny, amazingly enough. At the weekend we went Fireball racing at the sailing club ‘cos it was the open meeting - 32 boats of which we managed 18th. Not too shabby, that. And it meant we won the Bronze Fleet - to encourage people they split the fleet up into Gold (best), Silver (middling) and Bronze (nearer the back) and award prizes within those too. So we were best of the rest…

Also finally got around to seeing The Matrix Reloaded last night. It’s had mixed reviews, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. Sure, it’s got a bit of part-two-of-three syndrome but I didn’t find the talky bits as tedious as some seemed to and the fighting and explosions and stuff were, of course, splendid. On to the next one, then…

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