Shiver me timbers

12:00 am Boats

I’ve just been buying boat bits. Again. Regular readers (don’t snigger, I know there are some…) will, thanks to their excellent powers of recall, remember that earlier this year we bought a newer Fireball to replace, er, our older one. And jolly nice it is too - light and fast and most things work on it.

Not all, though, hence the shopping. And this is on top of all the fettling that it needed to bring it up to scratch in the first place - even as I type it’s at the menders having a couple of hull dings sorted out, and I’ve spent considerable numbers of hours fiddling around with ropes and cleats and fairleads and compasses and things.

It’s all because the National Championships start next weekend, and with ten races that’s more sailing in a week than we usually manage in a couple of months. Which also means little time for repairs, so it’s best to mend anything that might break before it has a chance to do so. And all those slightly irritating things will get very irritating, so best to sort those out too.

Hope we do OK after all this, although since we were something like 4th from last last year I’d like to think that some improvement is inevitable. Fingers crossed…

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