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It’s always amusing how crappy local radio stations (and that’s all of them) take national news stories and then apply the clumsiest local “spin” imaginable. In the case of the utterly appalling GWR FM we get around these parts, the “spin” takes the form of adding the words “…in Bristol…” at a crucial point in the headline. So a story about new developments in contraception, which clearly has nothing to do with Bristol specifically, kicks off with the headline, “People will soon be changing the way they use contraception in Bristol.” The technique is at its least effective, but curiously most common, when used with national surveys. Got a nationwide survey showing that most people like dogs? Report it as “Most poeple in Bristol like dogs, a survey out today shows.” And then cut back to a bunch of talentless goons with faintly mid-atlantic accents and “comedy” phone calls. Local radio, doncha just love it? Er, no.

Other local nonsense comes from Norwich City Council, who are about to chop down some by all accounts most handsome horse chestnut trees because a small child was almost (but not quite) run over as they were standing in the road lobbing sticks at the tree to extract conkers. Oh, and the conkers fall off and damage cars apparently. What exactly is wrong with these people? The trees are in a road near a school. Kids in the road are likely to be a common hazard. Drivers don’t look where they’re going and that’s the fault of some trees? Kudos to John Humphrys on the radio this morning for taking the man from the council to task over his assertion that the twenty year old trees had, “reached the end of their natural life cycle”, too.

Killer TV viewing last night? Undoubtedly Dr No, the very first Bond film. There’s a bit of a Connery Bond series going on, so watch out for some more classics…

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