Not dead

12:00 am Tech, Boats, Bikes

Just thought I’d best mention that, as I’ve been quite quiet. Things that have happened recently in no particular order:

  • My first ride after coming back from Morocco was in the rain and mud in Bristol. Slippy slidy sketchy, but the singlespeed was a good choice from a not-clogging point of view.
  • We won a trophy at the sailing club prizegiving buffet thing. I’m not sure what it’s for - trying hard or showing potential or something. But it’s quite big and impressive looking, albeit slightly bent where it presumably fell off someone’s mantelpiece a decade ago.
  • The house move that I’m not even sure I’ve mentioned before rumbles on in an increasingly frustrating manner. I think it’s the way every little thing takes a week that does it. That and having to deal with insurance companies. Which is never good.
  • My firewall broke, or at least it kept working but the handy web admin pages went away because the disc had filled up with logs thanks to various nasty worms doing the rounds. Then it turned out that it wasn’t actually full but it had run out of inodes, whatever the hell they are. Anyway, a burst of l33t haXX0r1ng got it sorted, at which point I got carried away and decided that instead of applying 12 patches to version 0.9.9 it’d be a good idea to just start again and install 1.0 from scratch. Which for some reason took about five hours. Bah.
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