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A quick round-up of assorted blather.

Kilroy I don’t much care what he said, when he said it or why or whence or wherefore. All that matters is that his dismal excuse for a talk show, which consists of him egging on people with very tiny brains and neofascist opinions against anyone who dares to display any common sense or intelligence, is not on telly any more. Round of applause to the BBC - why didn’t you do this years ago?

Child porn Oop, there go a thousand (OK, half a dozen) work firewall alerts. Sorry. A report by childrens’ charity NCH says that the internet is directly responsible for a 1500% increase in prosecutions for possession of child pornography since 1988. What it doesn’t say (except obliquely) is that possession of child porn wasn’t a criminal offence until 1988, which makes that meteoric rise perhaps fairly unsurprising. It also mentions Operation Ore, which snared the names of 6,500 porn users, as an example of how widespread the problem is. It seems that that’s quite a good example of how the net makes it easier to catch people as much as it makes it easier to distribute illegal material, but NCH obviously don’t share that view. Anyway. Kiddie porn: Bad. Blaming the internet for everything: Bad too. I don’t see campaigns arguing for regulation of cameras or camcorders, but surely they’re as “responsible” for child porn as the internet is?

Fly me to the moon Bush’s moonbase and manned mission to Mars plan is a fairly transparent re-election gambit, but it’ll probably work because nearly everyone’ll go, “Moonbases! Space rockets! Cool!”. I know I did. Ah well.

There was something else but I forget what. I’m sure it’ll come back to me shortly after it’s no longer interesting or relevant. Whaddya mean, none of this stuff’s interesting or relevant? Pah.

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