24 heure du Brum

12:00 am Bikes

Last weekend we did the Red Bull Mountain Mayhem 24 hour race for the fourth time. And as usual, it was top fun, helped along by the scorching weather. If you’re not familiar with the event, it’s pretty straghtforward. Teams of four or five race around Sandwell Park in Birmingham - a really good course, you’d never know you were in Brum most of the way around - in a relay stylee for 24 hours. Team with most laps wins. Our team (Fatty Acids) did OK, 62nd in Sport. And we actually managed to beat the solo winner this time (last year Roy Hunt beat us, this year we were a few minutes ahead of Ben Bardsley).

One of the many great things about the Red Bull is that you ride at times that you never normally would. 2.30am and 5am being two that immediately spring to mind. 2.30’s pretty much like any other time of night, really, just dark. But 5 is an almost magical time. If you ever do a 24 hour race, get the dawn lap. It’s fantastic. Mist in the valleys, watery low sun slanting through the trees lighting up the dust, quiet, just riders and trail. Lovely. It’s enough to make you want to ride first thing in the morning all the time…

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