12:00 am Environment, Stupidity, Politics

Never mind that no-one in the country wants it, that the studies are flawed, that no-one’s quite sure what the point is. Genetically-modified crops have been approved for commercial growing in Britain. Yes, only one particular variety of maize, yes only for cattle feed but still. ‘Thin’, ‘end’ and ‘wedge’ anyone? And did BSE not teach us anything about feeding anything even slightly dubious to cows?

Still, it’s all about as much as we can expect from HMG these days. What with the GM thing and the cabinet’s apparent desperation to create a supreme court and boot out the Lord Chancellor despite the opposition of just about everybody, you start to wonder if they’re still aware that there’s an electorate out there. When they accuse the House of Lords of being “undemocratic” in voting the plans to committee and then in the very next breath say they’ll force it through the Commons with the Parliament Act, you stop wondering and start to make plans to emigrate. At least with most dictatorships you know where you stand…

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