Hard core day trips

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What a reasonably bonkers weekend that was. Saturday was a day trip to Coed y Brenin in North Wales for some bike riding and to meet up with the crew from IMBA, the US-based trail building and MTB advocacy organisation. The riding was, as ever, great (despite a really scary tumble that inexplicably resulted in no injuries whatsoever) and well worth the 350 mile round trip…

And yesterday we went sailing. Second time out, on the Solent this time. Objective for the day was to successfully get the spinnaker out. We managed that, but then tipped the whole shooting match into the sea trying to get the damn thing down again. A little more work needed there, but we’re getting better.

In other news, we had to find a builder this morning to take a wall of our house out for us. For various reasons too tedious to elaborate, it has to be done this week sometime, which in builder-land is a timescale that doesn’t even exist. I phoned three builders before having to leave for work. Sandra, fortunately, has a more persistent streak than me and called another twenty before finding one. Who was, needless to say, the first one listed in the Yellow Pages. We’ll start there next time.

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