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Every so often a couple of fairly clever things collide and create an amazingly clever thing. Take, for example, the searchable archives of Hansard, the transcripts of all UK parliamentary debates. Park that up somewhere, and then climb in to the driving seat of excellent on-line exercise-your-democratic-right tool and drive it at Hansard as fast as you can. Get it right and the result is the quite remarkable It’s an inspired combination of FaxYourMP’s MP database, letting you analyse MP’s voting patterns, attendance record and so on with Hansard’s archive. So you can find out which debates your MP has spoken at recently and what they said.

The inclusion of pictures of all of the MPs is a nice touch, especially as they appear on the debate pages, lending the whole thing the air of a rather long-winded and unusually well-spelt web forum. The best bit, though, is that you can comment on the debates - it can’t be long before the metadebates start up…

It’s the work of the people behind FaxYourMP. They’re very clever. TheyWorkForYou is in beta at the moment, go have a poke around…

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