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I’ve never really thought of this as a “blog” (aka weblog). To me, a blog is something that people with too much time on their hands use to post about things they’ve read on other people’s blogs, usually things about blogs themselves - whether Blogger’s better than Movable Type, RSS vs RDF, yada yada yada. Who cares? That’s like spending all your time writing notes about pens and paper. It’s not the tools that are important, it’s the words. And then those other people add comments to the post for enhanced circularity, and the comments all generate links back to the things that are being commented on and the whole thing just descends into a vortex of navel-gazing, collapsing into a content singularity from which no useful information can escape.

This isn’t like that. Mostly because I’m too idle to look at other people’s sites. Or indeed post all that often. But hey, it might be infrequent but it’s all first-hand, or at least lightly-used. I’m also too idle (and insufficiently clever) to put a comments feature in, so it’s one-way only around here. Which is the way it should be.

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