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One day I’ll get around to rewriting the bit of code that generates my archive (I like the word ‘archive’ - it suggests a valuable repository of essential material that you Simply Must Not Lose. It is, of course, totally misused in this context.

Do I digress? You betcha. What’s more, I break paragraphs within parentheses. Punctuational rebellion starts here!)

One of the joys of writing things on a computer (apart from being able to do it while sitting in a comfy chair while watching the telly) is that you can go back over what you’ve written and easily change it around to make more sense, be less unutterably tedious or put more jokes in. For all the use I make of this marvellous ability I might as well use a typewriter. I could feel like a proper writer then, going clackety-clackety-clackety-clackety-clacketyclack-BING!-zzzzzzzzzzipclunk-clackey-clackety-clack. Obviously I’d then have to scan the pages in for the six people who look at this site to read. Perhaps what I really need is one of these?

To return to the point that I have some vague recollection of starting to make, until the long-awaited day when the archive link code gets fiddled with, you (yes, all six of you) will just have to put up with occasional postings like this one, with no purpose other than to make sure there’s at least one entry in the current month so said code doesn’t just give up and go home.

If you’re really lucky I’ll stop waiting a fortnight into the month before making a pointless entry. There’s service.

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