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Even by my standards, six weeks without posting is going some. I could claim to have been away, which is true, but that’s only 30% of an excuse, chronologically speaking. We went sailing for a week, twice, which is subtly different from going sailing for two weeks. The first week was Camel Week at Rock Sailing and Water Ski Club (yes, that’s an odd combination. See also: The High Peak Rambling and Mountain Biking Club; The Wiltshire Vegetarian Taxidermy League) which was windy and prone to showers. Then home for a week, then off to Porthpean near St Austell for the Typhoon Fireball National Championshops. Which was windy and prone to showers, and had whacking great waves in the bay for good measure. Slightly disappointingly we were three places lower than last year (45th against 42nd) but then there were three more boats this year so obviously they were all better than us.

And now it’s back home, trying not to get attacked by the worryingly local mystery big cat and trying to achieve anything at all constructive. One of these things is easier than the other. Hint: Look! No claw marks!

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