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You’ve probably noticed that Airbus has unveiled the A380, the world’s largest passenger jet. I’m a bit disappointed, though. It seems to be missing a few basic features that you’d expect from a double-decker airliner. For a start, there are no seats upstairs right at the front with their own windscreen, from which the whole thing appears to be far too big for the sky and will clearly never fit under that low cloud.

Presumably modern safety regulations forbade the inclusion of an open platform at the back, although I’d imagine that there’ll be no shortage of “tssch, tssch, tssch, tssch” noises from headphones or drunk and obnoxious passengers. I’d like to think that airlines purchasing A380s will be obliged to hire a slightly malodorous tramp to sit on the upper deck and mumble obscenities to himself, but I fear that here too tradition will be ignored.

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