Another week

12:00 am DIY, Media, Politics

Just realised that the Conservative party appear to be using the same method to choose a new leader as Big Brother does to choose who gets evicted - all the people inside the House nominate a couple of candidates and then the people outside the House vote for them. The symbiosis between politics and the media is nothing new, but extending the relationship into game shows is surely taking things a little far. Mind you, it could work. Family Fortunes Policy Review, perhaps. Or maybe The National Lottery Big Unemployment Figure?

At home we’ve lost a wall and gained a ceiling and now have a massive bathroom. The builders were meant to be starting today but phoned up and said, “Er, Wednesday?” instead. So we’ve got a little longer to wait before having to do without a shower and toilet…

Went to see Jools Holland (complete with Rhythm and Blues Orchestra) yesterday. He and they were great. Fantastic setting (outside in the sun in the natural ampitheatre at Dyrham Park), superb performance, everyone having a good time and a couple of numbers from Marc Almond even. He couldn’t be persuaded to do Tainted Love, unfortunately, but never mind. All good stuff - we’ll be back next year.

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