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There’s no shortage of rubbish logos (sorry, “visual identities”) out there, and no shortage of self-serving guff to justify the vast amount of money that they usually cost. Latest to succumb is the city/county combo of Nottingham and its associated shire. The local firm of brand consultants hired to do the job apparently “develop[s] highly imaginative branding for organisations who passionately believe that outstanding design ideas can give them a competitive advantage”. And what “highly imaginative” “outstanding design” did they come up with? Get ready to be amazed - it’s a capital letter ‘N’ at a jaunty angle! Genius. It’s “more than a logo”, mind. “It’s a way of presenting ourselves, creating a sense of place in promotion and on the streets.”

Oh shut up. Full marks to the BBC’s reporter on the telly this morning who managed to keep a straight face while asking the chap from the council how they came up with the logo. It slipped a bit when Nottingham’s apparent belief that a jaunty N would put it on a par with Barcelona and Dublin as a European tourist destination, though.

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