Voter antipathy

12:00 am Politics

You’ll have noticed that I haven’t said much about politics recently. Largely this is because I haven’t said much about anything recently, for a variety of reasons. “Not being arsed” is quite high on the list, though. Most things that come to my attention just make me shake my head sadly and put the kettle on, and anything to do with politics at the moment is actually quite likely to just make me say rude things at the radio/TV/internet/newspaper/whatever it is. I mean, they wonder why hardly anybody votes and then spend their whole time slagging each other off in anticipation of an election that hasn’t even been called yet, blatantly making stuff up, misrepresenting one another’s positions or (in the case of the Lib Dems) just being a bit sort of fluffy and woolly. None of these things is terribly compelling. Note to all parties: Stop trying to get me to vote for you, start trying to make me feel like it’s worth voting for anyone at all.

(Special note to Tony Blair - constant repetition of the phrase “£35billion cuts” won’t do the trick. Please try harder.)

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