Long time no see

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Oops, I appear to have allowed an entire month to elapse without posting anything. It’s not as if anything hasn’t happened personally (various bike races, very agreeable holiday in Ireland etc and so on) or indeed in the wider world (explosions, governmental stupidity) but somehow I haven’t quite been bothered to say anything about them. Pretty much everything seems to be either not worthy of comment or commented upon to death elsewhere. To be fair, that doesn’t stop most people, but I obviously have stronger apathy.

The other thing is that I’ve got a big list of things to mend under the site’s hood, then another big list of things to add and I’d quite like to make it all look different too. None of which is terribly likely to happen any time soon. And I’ve only just noticed that there’s an API for the rather splendid Google Maps, so that’s something else to play with added to the list of things I’ll never get round to.

Still, adding things to lists is almost the same as actually doing them, right?

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