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What with Sandra being a bit too pregnant to sail boats, my brother Alan was drafted in to occupy the driver’s seat for the 2005 Fireball World Championships in sunny Teignmouth. And jolly fun it was too. We had a bit of a hiccup on measurement day (hull 1.5kg underweight, spinnaker pole 2in too long, that kind of thing) but a bit of frenetic hacksaw/drill/sheets of lead action sorted that out. With 176 boats in the fleet, the racing was best described as “crowded” - there’s not much room for error in a large (and reasonably skilled) fleet like that. All of which is presented as some sort of justification for our slightly erratic results - anything between 56th (good) and 128th (not so good). Still, 95th in the end, or 54% if you like. Not too shabby, especially as Alan’s more used to a B14 and has only sailed the ‘ball about half a dozen times…

There was a handy spectator boat out on a couple of days (you couldn’t see much from the beach, what with the courses being a couple of miles offshore) - Sandra took a camera out and got some rather good shots.

The 2006 Worlds are on Vancouver Island. Might not be able to make those…

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