Bad head

12:00 am Me

The good thing about booze is that you often have a lot of fun drinking it. The bad thing is that you often have no fun at all the following morning. Take today for example. Went drinking yesterday with sundry journos and designers. Managed not to talk about magazines all that much, which was surprising but welcome. Had a laugh, had beer, had a round of absinthe towards the end of the evening. (Mental note: Never drink things that make all the bar staff come over and watch). And it was all great. But now I have a bad head. Not all that bad, to be fair, but enough to take the edge off the greatness.

I know a fair few people who don’t drink at all, for whatever reason. As far as I can tell, they’re not having any less fun in life than me. Perhaps I should experiment with an alcohol-free existence?

Nah, sod it. Mine’s a Guinness…

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