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My ugly mug seems to crop up in all sorts of places, and I usually don’t notice until months after the fact - I once made an appearance on the cover of a French mountain bike magazine that I’d never have noticed were it not for the chance connection made by a French acquaintance. So picking up on my “starring” role in IMBA’s festive e-card thingummywotsit while there’s still left-over turkey in the fridge is pretty prompt by my standards.

It is, of course, largely pure chance that it’s me - the pic was taken last year by MTB lenschap Seb Rogers after a mad scramble to get on to the hills before a surprise snowfall melted. I can’t even remember what bike I was riding - it would appear to be a black one of some sort, but beyond that it’d be pure guesswork.

Anyway, Merry Recent Christmas to one and all. “Post more here” may become some sort of Resolution of the New Year persuasion - not a lofty goal in all honesty, a dozen posts during 2008 should just about cover it…

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