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12:00 am Politics

What to make of this John Prescott thing? (For those not up to speed on UK news - someone lobbed an egg at Deputy Prime Minister JP and got a smack in the face for their trouble). On the one hand, the mileage to be made out of a top representative of the party of law and order assaulting a voter is vast. And how come Prescott didn’t get himself arrested as the alleged egg-thrower did? Hm?

But on the other hand? The bloke Prescott hit, one Craig Evans, is a farm worker, apparently upset at Big John’s comments about the countryside. Evans is a hunt supporter. His best mate’s called Rikki Profitt (a local master of the hunt)? And he has a mullet. There’s a part-formed joke about maintaining the rural Status Quo in all this somewhere, but I’ll leave the finer details to others.

In other news, there’s apparently new genetic ground being broken in Chile. How does that work, then?

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