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I just got this:

You have received this email because your email address is being sold,
along with millions of others to people / companies that want to send junk
(SPAM) email to you.

If you are fed up with receiving this type of email and want to stop it
now then you will be interested in our email scanning service

We have a service that scans all your incoming email for SPAM and viruses.
Any SPAM email found is removed and any emails that contain viruses are
“cleaned” before you receive them.

Our service offers many advantages, some of which are:

* You keep your existing email address!

* No software for you to download or configure

* Works with all email addresses

* SPAM filtering updated many times a day

* Virus scanning system is updated daily

* Create custom filtering rules

* Webmail interface, allowing you to access your emails from any computer

For more information visit www.emailfiltering.co.uk

We realise the irony of sending you this information using this method,
but by subscribing to our service you will receive almost no SPAM and your
computer will be much safer from viruses.

Kind Regards,

At least they realise the irony. Didn’t stop ‘em, though, did it? Bah.

In other news, the British attempt to break the world balloon altitude record is being hampered by, surprisingly enough, piss-poor weather. Barmily, the balloonists need a 72 hour window of clear weather to attain their goal of floating to the edge of space. 72 hours? In Britain? Bonkers. Quite why they don’t set off from a country with more clement conditions I have no idea…

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