Off again

12:00 am Me, Boats

Yes, I haven’t posted anything since I got back from a short holiday. Well, I’m just off on another holiday. Honestly, my life is just a constant stream of leisure pursuits sometimes. Possibly all the more so in the future, as those Important Life Changes I mentioned last time have begun to take effect. I’ve quit my job (thus leaving my workplace of, ooh, seven years) and have essentially no idea what to do next. So I’m going to just chill out for a bit and see what presents itself. It’s a little like a career downshift except I’m just going straight into neutral. I’ll leave the engine ticking over, though.

Anyway, holiday. It’s actually the Fireball National Championships at Mounts Bay Sailing Club, but that really just means “six days sailing in Cornwall in the sunshine”. Obviously there’ll be another seventy-odd boats there but we’ll just follow them to avoid getting lost. Seems safest. We’ve packed the Old Boat Championship Survival Kit (screws, epoxy resin, gaffer tape) so there seems little that can go wrong. If I can find a net connection in Marazion I may do a mid-week update. No promises, though…

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