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Oh look, Blunkett’s gone again. It’s a little odd that someone who’s apparently very sharp should have generally made a bit of a pig’s ear out of things, but maybe it’s a kind of absent-minded professor thing. Either that or the power and influence went to his head a bit. Very touching of his local party agent and the PM to praise him for his “integrity”, although I’m not totally convinced that owning up when you get caught out is quite what’s usually meant by the word. Still. Politicians, eh? Pfft.

Reassuring to see the Government ever-so-nearly losing the latest anti-terror bill vote. At least there’re a few MPs actually paying attention. I was amused to hear the 300-299 vote in favour described as “the Government’s smallest ever majority” - while clearly true it doesn’t somehow convey the idea that it’s as close to not being a majority at all as it’s possible to get. Charles Clarke has apparently said he’ll be “flexible” on the 90-day detention thing. Very gracious of him, pity it took getting a kicking in the Commons to make him think that maybe he was getting a bit carried away…

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